Emergency services

If your transformer is broken and you quickly need a replacement, contact our 24/7 emergency services:

It will speed up the process if you already know:

    1. Technical requirements for the transformer
    2.  Your time frame and budget
    3.  Which solutions you’re interested in:
      • A rental transformer while the current one is being refurbished?
      • A new replacement transformer with a short delivery time?
      • A used replacement transformer with immediate delivery?

Fast track projects

Thanks to our global network of partners, we can shorten the lead time by finding a producer with an open production slot or a transformer in stock.

Do you have a transformer to sell?


We also buy used transformers and have customers all over the world who are constantly looking for second-hand transformers in a good condition.

Let us know what you have for sale!


We help you sell your surplus transformers by either buying the transformer directly or finding a buyer for you.

Let us know what you have for sale!