Keep up the good work, PeFF!

We at BTB work for sustainable development in accordance with UN guidelines. Those we support fulfill our criteria within the framework of our work for sustainable development. Pedersöre FF is the next association we have chosen to support and which we now want to present.

PeFF is a prosperous football association that primarily invests in children and young people and ensures that they are allowed to train and compete and that they are brought up to cooperate as a group and to play fair play.

The diverse membership is active and thrives together. Among the active members are people from Finland, Syria, Italy, Argentina and Congo, the youngest person in the association is 3 years old and the oldest is 52 years old. In the last 15 years, only one case of bullying has been reported and required action. This case was quickly investigated.

New arrivals quickly feel welcome. For 10 years, the association has worked purposefully to enable football for girls on the same terms as for boys. This goal was achieved in 2021-2022 when, for the first time in history, the association had exactly as many girls' teams as boys' teams and as many boys as girls among the active juniors.

PeFF has also, with good success, managed to engage New Finns to train as football referees. This gives the New Finns an extra income and it further strengthens the feeling of inclusion and that they are important to the football context even outside the association's borders. This at a time when there is a shortage of referees in the region.

With these words, we congratulate the association on a good job and wish them all the best for the summer football competitions. Keep up the good work!