An emergency case.

If you have an urgent transformer breakdown, please contact BTB.

We can quickly and efficiently scan the market to offer the best possible solution in the shortest possible time. Here we have an example from March 2023.

A hydropower plant had a transformer breakdown and the customer contacted us on Monday march 6th. The mission for us was to find a replacement transformer. A fast solution was needed.

Already the same day, BTB presented the first option, and, the following day, the option that the customer finally agreed on, was presented.

The replacement transformer was somewhat larger in terms of power than what originally was desired, a cast resin transformer of 10 MVA with a turn ratio 10500+-2x2.5% / 6000 V, Yy0.

The transformer was unencapsulated (IP00) and needed to be transported through a rainy Europe to Scandinavia.

Our logistics partner NTC Transport succeeded once again in helping us with the assignment and on Wednesday we were able to present a solution where the transformer with a total height of 307 cm could be transported on a covered trailer to the customer in Scandinavia.

The transformer was loaded on Friday morning and arrived at the customer on Monday the following week. The customer took care of hauling and connecting and a few days later the hydropower plant produced electricity again. Mission completed.